Boricua Village, Bronx, NY

This is the largest project of its kind in the Bronx. Located on 4.2 acres of land, the project involves construction of a new 14-story, 120,000 sq. ft., building for Boricua College, and seven new 8 to 11-story residential buildings containing a total of 931 apartments.

The Owner/Developer of this project wanted to award us a major portion of the project, but we accepted only three buildings in this project, the 14-story, 120,000 sq. ft., college building and two large 8 and 11-story residential buildings containing a total of 211 apartments. We accepted only three buildings in this project because we were constructing other buildings elsewhere at the same time, and we wanted to be able to complete all buildings within their schedules.

New 14-story, 120,000 sq. ft., College building
New 131-unit, 11-story, Apartment building
New 80-unit, 8-story, Apartment building

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